How to Build Sexual Tension Over Text

If you want to know how to build sexual tension over text and in person with a girl.  

Then you’re on the right track- this is the number one way you can ensure you stay out of the friend zone and maintain power and value in the eyes of a woman.  

Not escalating a conversation and not embracing the natural sexual tension between men and women is the number one way that guys end up hopelessly in love with a girl that doesn’t care about them.  

Not knowing how to build sexual tension over text is the first mistake.  

The majority of guys exhibit nice guy behavior over text and either try way too hard or are extremely boring.  

If you find yourself asking “how are you doing?” even once you are well on your way to blowing it with a high value girl.

How to Create Sexual Tension (Starter Lines)

You can flirt you way to sexual tension and attraction.  Here are 10 lines or sexual tension openers you can use on text or in person to establish an attraction with a girl.  

So if you want to use verbal indications while you re learning how to build sexual tension with a girl… these will get you started and you will see a theme so you can work on your own derivatives.

The reason these lines work so well in conversation is because women find us more attractive when we find them attractive.  

You can use these lines to break up 

time saver and wondering if she is attracted at all


You will learn to use these naturally, keep the one playful

Fearlessly cut through the situation- these are not openers and are used 

Seriously, you got to stop undressing me with your eyes.  It playfully accuses her

Now You’re trying to seduce me


You really look like you want to kiss me right now.  Try and restrain yourself.


Its playful but you’re crossing that line and make sure you won’t end up in the friend zone.

Keep the tone playful.


DO you want to get married already.  It’s a compliment but not a nice guy compliment.


We are going to ight like crazy when we’re married but I think it will be worth it for the make up sex.


You keep adjusting your glasses 


use findingling with her hair


you should just give me your number  you’re doing such a good job

you’re such a  badass

okay this sexual tension is ridiculous–  and then playfully push her away.

A pretty girl knows that she is pretty but knowing that she is sexy is a very validating compliment even for the prettiest girl.