How to Get a Girl to Chase You

How to Get a Girl to Chase You?  That’s a tough question and an easy one if you have a plan.  No matter how bad you have screwed up or how needy you have acted- there are strategies to get the girl you want.  The good news is that as her friend- the lines of communication are open.  The bad news is that you put yourself in the friend zone.  No one else did it.  You were too nice, you didn’t flirt at the right times.  You texted the wrong things, were too boring, and never acted when the moment was right.  

If you want to know how to get out of the friend zone, then you need to reset the balance of power with a girl.  You need to create uncertainty, gain power in the conversation, generate anticipation when you see her, and trigger her approval seeking switch.  The scrambler helps you do this in a step by step process from texting, the date, and taking her home.

This article is packed with actionable tips on how to kick start the reset between you and your crush or girl that got away.  Many guys feel that their girl s special and can’t be man manipulated.  Through trial and error and years of experience- this is just not true.  She plays the game and chances are if you’re in the friend zone- you didn’t play it right.  The good news is there are solutions.    

There are two courses I recommend:  The Scrambler Technique and The Key Lock Sequence.  The Keylock Sequence is going to focus on texting which really is the foundation of any interaction with a girl.  You aren’t going to be around her all the time- so keep her thinking about you- you need to learn to use text to keep her interested and ultimately chase you.  

Through all of these strategies- you won’t need reassurance and your entire mindset will shift and boost your overall confidence.  The worrying that causes guys to mess up and end up wondering: how to get out of the friend zone?

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