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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

How to get out of the friend zone?  That’s a tough question and an easy one if you have a plan.  No matter how bad you have screwed up or how needy you have acted- there are strategies to get the girl you want.  The good news is that as her friend- the lines of communication are open.  The bad news is that you put yourself in the friend zone.  No one else did it.  You were too nice, you didn’t flirt at the right times.  You texted the wrong things, were too boring, and never acted when the moment was right.  

If you want to know how to get out of the friend zone, then you need to reset the balance of power with a girl.  You need to create certainty, gain power in the conversation, generate anticipation when you see her, and trigger her approval seeking switch. 

This article is packed with actionable tips on how to kick start the reset between you and your crush or girl that got away.  Many guys feel that their girl s special and can’t be man manipulated.  Through trial and error and years of experience- we have found this is just not true.  She plays the game and chances are if you’re in the friend zone- you didn’t play it right.  The good news is there are solutions.

The number one trait that can lead you out of the friend zone is certainty.

No girl wants to make a decision.  And she isn’t going to teach you how to get out of the friend zone. 

She does not want to make a mistake. 

And many times, when she hooks up with a jerk- she often says- “well it just happened.”

That is what she wants.  To have an excuse as to why “IT” happened.

When guys confess their feelings- that offers the kind of certainty that she does not want.

And that’s the wrong advice when it comes to learning how to get out of the friend zone with a girl.

And that is the kind of advice you will see over every dating advice website on the internet.

If you ever want to sleep with your crush.

Never confess your feelings.



That’s not how you get out of the friend zone.

She does not want to hear it and the attraction level will go to 0.

You want to eliminate her fear of missing out. 

Have you ever noticed how the most attractive girls on Instagram never have a guy in their photos?

A big reason is that they do not want to be wrong and look foolish.

It is the same idea- she wants to make the best possible decision.

And she wants you to make it for her with your confidence and definitive decision-making.

Women want you to make up their mind.

And it’s the first step on the winding path out of the friend zone.

Mastering how to get out of the friend zone is knowing that you can’t put her in a position to make critical decisions.  She doesn’t want to.

If a guy turns out to be needy, clingy, and awkward- she doesn’t want it to be her idea.

And until she knows if you’re faking or not- she needs to be sure.

The desire to be led is a quality every girl has, and it begins from the moment you meet her -until she is your girlfriend.

So, maintaining that frame of mind and action is essential.

You can fake it initially which is okay, but you want to cultivate that mindset.

As you learn how to get out of the friend zone. 

And it’s imperative if you are older or not as attractive as the

girl you are pursuing.

When you act needy and unsure of yourself- she starts second guessing herself and from the instant you meet her she is analyzing you – putting you into the right category.

From how long you take to respond, the favors you do for her, she is noticing explicitly-

or subconsciously what she can get away with.  How far she can push you and if you’ll

be put into the friend zone right off the bat. 


You are the guy- it’s your responsibility to move things forward.  When you try to kiss her-

you aren’t going to ask permission first. 

So, coming back to the “moment of confession” that many guys fall into- they are then forcing her to

make a decision and thus make a mistake and take on the responsibility of ending a friendship.

And when she is pushed and pressured into that decision- she freaks out.  And pushes you.

into the solitary confinement wing of the friend zone prison.

So how do you get out of the friend zone when you have made every mistake I have mentioned?

We’ll it’s possible.  Because as her friend- you still have one thing going to for you.

You have access to her.  She will respond if reluctantly and after a long time.

That access means you can still date her. 

And you have a lot of work to do.

You’ll need to grab her by the hand and lead her out of the friend zone.  And it must be seen as her idea.

And to do so you’re going to have to be manipulative. 


The strategies we teach are under the radar.  Now all the conventional advice about getting a hobby and confessing your feelings…get that out of your head. 

Most guys come to us because there is a special girl in their life, and they can’t function properly until they know what it’s like to have their affection reciprocated by her. 

We get.  We have all been there.  Girls are friend zoned as well- we all understand the pain it can cause.

But girls want a guy who is certain of his value.

Look at the nice guy behavior and you’ll see you may be exhibiting it without knowing it…

Saying things like-

“Where should we go to dinner?”

“How are you doing?”

Are you mad at me?

Are you okay?

Girls hate this and are bombarded with it non-stop. 

Now chances are you have a particular girl in mind that-

has you struggling in the friend zone, and you may have already confessed your feelings?

or made countless other mistakes we teach guys to avoid?

That is okay.  My friend Rob and I made a video teaching guys

how to get out of the friend zone even when they have already dug themselves into a deep hole with needy- nice guy behavior.

Click the link in the video description below and start your journey out of the friend zone with your crush.


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