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Best Opening (First) Text to a Girl

What is a good first text to a girl?

There are a number of different situations to consider.  Let’s look at the first text after you meet a girl out at a bar or during the day.  

And lets look at a few really common mistakes guys make at the outset with a text conversation.  Through our coaching, we’ve found avoiding mistakes is even more important than a perfect one liner.  

A good opening first text or line is many times not even essential if you have engaged the girl in person with the right amount of teasing and demeanor.  

Now even if you have created some sexual tension in your first encounter with some flirty or joking- then a girl isn’t going to feel a big connection to you.  

So chances are you’ll get a response and it’s important to not confuse the response for a real sexual interest.  From one encounter- it’s not going to be there immediately.

A good way to keep your emotions and feelings in check is to understand every attractive girl is texting up more than one guy.  

Everyone says the same thing- this girl is different.

No.  No she is not.

So you’re going to have to use a repeatable strategy or you’re going to fall for evyer girl that texts you back and interacts with you.  

You need to create interest , connection, and suspense to get the date and set the date.

And at the outset- the only purpose of texting is to set the date.  SO with that in mind.  Chill out- and don’t rush the process.  

The number of texts you send a  girl is inversely proportional to your chances of getting a date and seducing here.

Each text that doesn’t advance the seduction is reducing her attraction level.  And sending you closer to the quick sand of the friend zone.  

You’re taking an ax pick and chipping away at the total sum of her attraction to you with every goof ball stupid text you send.

Less is more.  

Look at a couple of counter factual examples as well…

If you meet a girl and she is over eager to text and starts planning your date and gifts- it would freak you out right?  A girl is no different when guys do it to her.  And to the most beautiful women- guys do it everyday.

If you have an abundant mindset where texting a girl is not an event or a gold strike- your approach will be much different.  There will be no stress and you’ll be relaxed.  This will come across as natural in everything from how often you text to what you say.  It will be casual- as it should be when two people meet for the first time. 


How to Text a Girl (After the First Text)

Remember- you want to be playful and advance the conversation to a date.  DO not ask a girl “how she is doing”?  

In fact, you can make fun of the question as a way to speak to a hot girl if you get stuck.  Because they hate getting asked it and simpletons ask them all the time to fill dead space.  They hate it.  Quote me.

Be clear and concise when setting the time and place.  Don’t ask her what she would prefer.  That is quick sand.  Coupled with the fact that – again- they hate it. 

Good First Text to a Girl